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April 18th
2:32 PM

Transparent McDonald’s PixelsEdited by Totally Transparent


Transparent McDonald’s Pixels
Edited by Totally Transparent

2:31 PM

peachy milk umm ♡ ♥


peachy milk umm ♡ ♥

2:31 PM


50 lil pixel foods (there should be a part 2 forthcoming EVENTUALLY)

does anyone have any suggestions for other foods to attempt?

4:44 AM


Sketches from today. The second one is a potential TCAF print. I was going to draw Almond and Peridot in their normal costumes, but after finishing that art book, I can’t turn off my inner Tomoyo.

April 17th
11:41 AM


finished hawlucha! sorry a couple of the bgs aren’t completely white, his wingspan was just a little wider than my posterboard ^^;

he’s about 16 inches tall with around a 24 inch wingspan :)

11:39 AM


my semester project in my advanced illustration class!! it’s finished! and i finally went and got nice pictures taken of my fox and lion friends there, so i can finally post it in it’s entirety. 

my project was constellations, i picked four that i liked (read: animals that i wanted to make into plush) and illustrated them, and picked two to make into big plush. they’ve got their constellation embroidered on them in the same place that it is in the illustration, and it glows in the dark! 

the constellations portrayed are ursa major, canis major, leo major and vulpecula.

11:39 AM


more shots of the lion with his glow in the dark constellation embroidery!

here’s the post with my whole project

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11:38 AM

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1:01 AM



gathering superpower

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April 16th
3:01 PM